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How we use Fear to our Advantage...

Figured we would kick start our hiatus from blogging with a seasonally appropriate topic… Today we are diving into the idea of FEAR.

This is something we both have personally experienced first hand and honestly something that isn’t going away any time soon. Jumping into entrepreneurship was not an easy transition for us. Let’s be real here… we were SCARED. We feared the thought of putting our visions out there for others to judge, critique and of course we were most fearful of publicly FAILING! What if people could care less about what we poured our heart and soul into!? You guys can be the judge of that by checking our designs here.

I think the switching point for us was the minute we started embracing fear and used it as the motivation we needed to push us forward. You know what they say, if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. Cheesy? Yes. True? YES! When you don’t take that scary risk you know one thing is for certain you will gain no reward. What’s the worst that can happen? You end up right back where you are now. That was the question we had to ask ourselves before starting our company. If this entire thing fails and we end up in the same spot we are now will we be okay? Our answer was yes. I remember the day we decided to give it all we had and said “let’s just go for it!” Have we had failures along the way? For sure. Have we grown from those failures? OH YEAH! We have learned more from our mistakes than from anything else. I think shifting our perception to let these failures push us forward to becoming more educated on what we want to get out of our business, what kind of clients we are looking for and the kind of things we want to create and do with our time has made all the difference.

Someone told us once that if you don’t start your dream then you have already failed. It’s only uphill once you start pursuing your path. This can look different for everyone. While one person wants to become a CEO of a powerhouse company, another wants to stay home and homeschool their children while another wants a career that allows her to do it form anywhere around the world. Each of our strengths are different and therefore our fears will be different too. This is the beauty of our world. We are all fearful of certain things, but when we each are running in our lane of life we can truly create something beautiful. And remember…no one can do what you can!

You are one of a kind my friend.

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