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A Little About us!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Hi there,

This is our first of many blog posts we hope to share with all of you! But in honor of it being our first we figured we should share a bit about who we are and how we got to this phase in our business! So here it goes...

-We are Lindsay and Austin

-We met in 7th grade + have been besties ever since

-Our nickname for each other is Shnoog and Shnoogy. Not sure how it started back in the day but it’s always stuck. It’s very rare you will ever hear us call each other by our first names

-We both have the same pet peeve... cotton/fabric in our (or anyone else’s) mouth. I literally gagged just writing that -We both have a huge passion for all things creative and feel most in our element when we are thinking outside the box

-Lindsay loves country. Austin hates it

-We can never turn down a meal

-Lindsay will eat coffee ice cream any hour of the day. Austin will drink coffee any hour of the day

-We both grind our teeth like it’s our day job

-We both are Christians and our faith is something we value very much

-We had talked about starting a company together for years before we actually went for it

That’s all I got for now but I’m sure I’ll think of more!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know us a bit more.

Now tell us... what’s your greatest pet peeve?!

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