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Removing all Expectations from our Goals

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Hello 2021...

I know everyone is talking about a fresh start and new year. We are going to jump on the bandwagon however we are taking a different approach so bare with us! Let's take a second to talk about goal setting and how OVERWHELMING it can be.

So let's simplify this process...

It is so valuable to learn to detach from our visualized outcomes. Letting go of the outcome and accepting where you are now while leaning into your present reality allows you to be open to what is coming next. Once you can accept where you are at in this very moment it is time do a brain dump of all your thoughts and goals. After you have them all down in front of you look at them and analyze why the heck are these things you want?! Are you truly physically, mentally and emotionally able to tackle all 500 things you scribbled down in front of you? I'll answer that for you...NO! Now this is where we sit in silence and allow ourselves to feel and seek-out which one brings you to your highest self. There are plenty of good and plenty of better but only one BEST goal written down in front of you.

Once you have your one goal lets practice visualization. Picture your goal. Picture where you are at currently and feel gratitude for where you are at before even doing a dang thing to reach this goal! This is manifesting the feeling of gratitude before you even get the desire of your heart. Next, visualize the future of what you want and feel that emotion after you've received or accomplished it. Lastly allow yourself to remove that expectation you've created and allow life to unfold the way it is intended as you move towards fulfilling your goal for this year.

Okay and here is your last tip. Start journaling your journey. We tend to write about things when they are hard or going wrong. This is an amazing way to process your emotions for sure, but there is still so much to learn from things when they are going right! When things are good take the time to write about what you are doing and why things seem to be going so well. Are you sleeping more? Exercising? Drinking more water? Less time on technology? Find those and notice them! Bringing attention to the good will help remind you how to get out of those tougher spots.

Hopefully this can help some of you as you are navigating another year of a lot of uncertainty! Take things one step at a time and give yourself a whole lot of GRACE!

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