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Who Needs Rest Anyway?!

Let's talk about resting!

This is something we struggle with. Our society struggles with idolizing business and the hustle. Don't get us wrong...it's 100% good to set goals...take active steps to achieving those goals and eventually crush them! However, I think that rest gets mixed up with the word laziness. We are here to remind you (and ourselves) that it's okay to stop. It's okay to sit down. It's okay to have zero plans. It's okay to nap. It's ALL OKAY. Your to-do list will still be there. The world will keep on spinning. You don't need to fill your day to the brim. You can say no.

Hustling 365 days a year does not make you better than someone who takes the time to stop, reflect, and relax. In fact when you do this you are guaranteed to hit burnout and you'll be forced to rest. In order to or event that I say we schedule rest into our mont...into our week...and eventually into our day. When you see others hustling around you try and not feel the need to keep up. Listen to that call to stop and rest and know that this is healthy. Whether that looks like going to bed early, sleeping in, taking time to meditate or read or just savor your cup of coffee. Let's make it happen and fill our souls with that slowness. Even God rests.

When we slow our minds and our breathing we allow ourselves to really feel your feelings and hear our thoughts. Imagine the inspiration that can come from that. Who knows... it may even propel your dreams further along.

So who's is down for a nap today?

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